Zuluf 100 Small Olive Wood Pocket Holding Crosses - B00UVON6JMO

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  • You will receive: 100 Small Olive Wood Pocket Crosses, 100 Authenticity Cards ( that have also Lord prayer on the back of them )

  • Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.5" x 0.4" (6.99cm x 3.81cm x 1.02cm). The grain and color of each cross is unique.

  • Each Cross comes with a Certificate of Origin that has Lord prayer on back of card

  • Small enough to put in your purse or pocket to strengthen you faith in God.

  • Hand-made in Bethlehem

  • Caring crosses are individually carved from beautifully grained olive wood which is pruned from the olive trees around bethlehem the birthplace of jesus. Christians have been carving handicrafts like this for hundreds of years, originally for pilgrims and more recently tourists visiting the holy land. Each craftsman receives a fair price to support their family and christian community. My caring crosses make perfect christian fundraisers you can sell candy or magazines but do they help spread the mission of your church. Fundraising with caring crosses helps everyone: (1) the christian craftsman and his family in the holy land. (2) your group or organization and the benefits both locally and globally that you do. (3) the recipient who has a spiritual companion for easing worries and fears.

    Zuluf 100 Small Olive Wood Pocket Holding Crosses - B00UVON6JMO

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